Making mixed media backgrounds…

Deezy Art Home Made mixed media background papers

This afternoon I have cleaned up my hobby loft. And when everything around here is shining and dust-free I always feel the terrible need to make a new mess! And this time I choose to make me some really nice mixed media backgrounds. I used some left over acryllics and stamps. I used left-over paint from former projects!

Deezy Art Home Made mixed media background papers
Deezy Art Home Made mixed media background papers

It is always handy to have a few mixed media backgrounds laying besides. They can become handy when you would like to make some cards or use them for a scrapproject! You can never have enough mixed media backgrounds papers.

I also signed up for the IHannah Postcard Swap!  So maybe I can use my home made mixed media background papers for the 10 postcards I have to make for this swap! I am really looking forward to join again!

There is a tip going around in Mixed Media world. To always have a few papers on your table. So when you have a little left over paint, you can spread it over these papers and let it dry. Ad more left over paint. When the pages are full, you have new mixed media backgrounds which you can use for other projects!

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  1. LOL – yes I totally get the call to be creatively messy that a clean space invokes. Fun to see your background papers – I’m sure you’ve turned them into delightful postcards.

  2. My area needs to be tidied up now. Your background papers look fun. I look forward to seeing how they end up!

  3. Ha, I know that feeling! Wantibg a clean desk – and then wantibg to bring back the mess again… 🙂

    Glad you joined!

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