Art 101 – 101 Artworks in 101 Days ~ challenge!

Deezy Art - number 1 101 challenge
Deezy Art is challenging to make 101 artworks in 101 days!
101 artworks in 101 days!

I will be participating in a new creative challenge: the “Art 101 – 101 Artworks in 101 Days challenge”! This creative challenge was initiated by artist Stephanie from Two Raggy Doodles  as part of a Facebook group for budding artists who want to inspire and support each other in building their blogs, shops and portfolios through networking.

The first problem begins on June 1th already. Because June 1,  is my mother’s birthday and the whole family comes to our house to celebrate it with us. But I persist! The whole challenge requires time, devotion, commitment, and discipline. And just to be clear, those are all good things to embrace when you want to achieve something! The creative challenge ends on September 1.

I do not have the intention that I have exactly 101 pieces of art work at the end of the challenge! But it is all about finally starting what I really really really want! I really want to become a better blog writer! I love writing!  But in the past I focused only on the Dutch audience. Because some of my family members are big fans of my story’s and they do not understand English very well. Of course I also love to share my art and crafts with the rest of the world, that is what I like about the internet so much: the connection with the rest of the world! And that is why I decide to write in English. And to write in English is a bit of a challenge too, because English is not my mother language.

Because the process of writing about the whole process includes recording my thoughts about this whole thing on on my blog, I also hope the blogging process encourages me to stop and think deeper about those many ideas in my head.  Unfortunately, at this point, I sometimes felt like I have nothing more to say what other people already have said before. I hope to achieve that once I start blogging about this creative journey and the thoughts that came up with me, I will begin thinking more intentionally about who I am as an artist and whether if other people like what I write or not.
And that just may be a very good reason enough to participate in the challenge too. Of course I would love to meet new people too. Whether it be through comments, e-mails, or social media! The facebook group Art 101 – 101 Arworks in 101 Days,  is so far very friendly, encouraging, and genuinely cheering for me to succeed. By participating the challenge I  introduce myself to the rest of the world. It causes me to articulate the life I live. Whether I have 1 reader or 10,000, blogging about the whole process opens up the story behind my creative journey to those on the outside. I hope writing about this challenge inspires others too… and that’s a wonderful feeling!

~Sometimes, the most important step is just to begin somewhere…~

Stephanie’s idea was inspired by the TEDx video from Jolie Guillebeau on Building an Artist’s Life, which you can find below.

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  1. Hello fellow Dutchie!! I often create and then write about it afterwards when I share things on my blog, and in writing about it I get a clearer picture about what the art means to me. Don’t worry about being ‘original’ in your writing, you couldn’t be not original if you tried, you are your own unique YOU and no one has your thoughts or writes things exactly in your way. I’ve also really noticed that the more you blog the easier it becomes to find your own voice, to know what to say etc!

    (for me English is easier than Dutch these days! I speak Dutch to my kids but I’ve lived in the UK for over 10 years now so my Dutch is a bit rusty, especially writing!)

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