Deezy Art - number 1 101 challenge

Art 101 – 101 Artworks in 101 Days ~ art project number 1

Yesterday wasn’t a good day to start. It was my mothers birthday! And because we have a nice big garden, the whole family came to our house to celebrate my mothers birthday! And although I had very good intentions, I totally “forgotten” them, when the party was over, I could only laying on the couch, totally overeaten, a little bit drunk and very tired…

Deezy Art
The whole family came to our house to celebrate my mothers birthday, including all the doggies of the familie!

Anyway. Day 2 of the challenge!

I don’t think my first art piece is finished. But besides the big party yesterday, I had to work all day today. So I had to do my first piece for this challenge in the evening.

For now, it is in my kind of art journal / sketch book. So maybe I dream tonight how I can finish it completely.

Deezy Art - number 1 101 challenge
Deezy Art – number 1 101 challenge

I like how the whole piece turned out. It is a very happy piece of art. And of course I use lots of different supplies on it. Like I always do and like I really love to do.

On this piece I used (home made) ink sprays for the background, pieces of scrappaper for the clothes of the girl and the flowers in her hair and the borders of the background too.
I used my copic markers for the colour of her skin, her eyes and her mouth.
Then I use black acrylic for her hair and a white stabilo woody too make some accents on the curls.
And for the balloons on the background I used my inktense blocks.
I LOVE the inktense blocks, by the way.

So. This is my first piece of art and I hope you all like it! What do you think? Should I put some text in the background or just leave it this way?

Mmmmm I have to sleep a night over it!



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