Aquarel – Watercolor flowers

Deezy Art - water color flowers
Deezy Art - water color flowers
Deezy Art – water color flowers

The Art 101 challenge has really turned out great for me. Although it made me realize that I am not really ready for selling my art online. I like to sell my art of course, but I prefer to sell it in real life and not online. Not yet. Maybe someday, but not now. I think that is a very important discovery for myself and it gave me some inner piece.

The challenge did light up the artsy fire in me. I knew that it was there but the fire was a little low.

In the mean time, I also rearrange and re-organised my hobby loft. When my grandfather died a several years ago, he left me lots of art supplies! Some of the supplies I have put away, because I did not needed them at that time. But when I was re-organizing the hobby loft, I found lots and lots of aquarel paper! Even some very nice water color paint!  I did not realize that I had that in stock! Can you imagine that? Some of the paper was colored of age! What a waste. But I made little pieces of that paper and now I have a whole bunch of nice little pieces of perfect quality of aquarel paper. Perfect for little aquarel paintings.

I love to draw flowers, as you know, and than I saw at the youtube channel of the Frugal Crafter a nice water color tutorial. I had to follow the tutorial. I love the video’s of the Frugal Crafter! So very inspiring. And this is how my little piece has turned out. Totally different, but I like it.  What do you think of it?

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  1. Beautiful watercolor. So great your grandfather left you beautiful supplies. I love it when it ages. I still have old drawing paper from my grandfather. He worked at the ” Staats drukkerij” and had paper from there.

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